IPA_DB_SDB(8)                                                    IPA_DB_SDB(8)

       ipa_db_sdb -- IPA simple database module (database part)

       ipa_db_sdb is an IPA database module with the following features:

       -      The module stores information in the ipa_sdb(5) database format;

       -      The module completely  supports  autorules,  rules,  limits  and

       -      Access  to database files can be granted accordingly to the user

       The name of the database is sdb.

       Configuration for the module is integrated into the  ipa.conf(5)  file.
       The configuration prefix of this module is ``sdb''.

       Following  three  parameters  can be placed in global, rule or autorule
       sections.  Static rules  inherit  settings  from  the  global  section.
       Dynamic  rules inherit settings from their autorule sections, then from
       the global section.

       The sdb:db_dir parameter allows to define the main  database  directory
       (the default value is /var/ipa_sdb):

           sdb:db_dir = "/path/to/directory";

       Since  this  parameter  can be placed in rule or autorule section, then
       any rule can have own main directory for its database files and  direc-

       The  sdb:db_group  parameter  determines  the  group  owner of a rule'e

           sdb:db_group = <group>;

       A group can be given by a name or as a numerical value.  If a group  is
       given  by the name, then the corresponding GID is determined during the
       configuration file parsing phase.  If some user belongs  to  the  given
       users  group, then he or she will have access to statistics for a rule.

       By default if the module opened some file, then it closes it only  when
       this  file  is not needed any more or when a rule becomes inactive.  If
       there are many rules (limits or thresholds), then the  module  can  use
       all available file descriptors.  To close any opened file as quickly as
       possible set the sdb:close_fd parameter to ``yes'' (the  default  value
       is ``no''):

           sdb:close_fd = <boolean>;

       Next parameters can be placed only in the sdb: module's section:

           sdb: {
               /* Parameters. */

       By  default the module disallows using of symlinks in the database.  To
       allow symlinks in the database  set  the  allow_symlinks  parameter  to
       ``yes'' (the default value is ``no''):

           sdb: {
               allow_symlinks = <boolean>;

       The  main  database directory has a special file containing the version
       number of the database format and the module checks  version  saved  in
       this file.  To speedup the module startup in case if many main database
       directories are used it is possible to turn off database format version
       checking  in  the  check_version parameter by setting it to ``no'' (the
       default value is ``yes''):

           sdb: {
               check_version = <boolean>;

       It is not recommended to turn off database format version checking.


           db_mod "ipa_db_sdb.so";

           sdb: {
               allow_symlinks = yes;

           global {
               /* ... */
               db_list = sdb;
               sdb:db_dir = "/var/db/ipa_sdb";
               sdb:db_group = staff;

           rule 1 {
               /* ... */
               sdb:close_fd = yes;

           rule 2 {
               /* ... */
               sdb:db_dir = "/home/my/ipa_sdb";
               sdb:db_group = wheel;

           autorule lan {
               /* ... */
               sdb:db_group = users;

       First rule inherits values of sdb:db_dir  and  sdb:db_group  parameters
       from  the global section.  Second rule has own values for these parame-
       ters.  All rules generated from the given  autorule  will  inherit  the
       value of the sdb:db_group parameter from the autorule.

       ipa_sdb(5), ipa_st_sdb(8), ipa_sdb_dump(8)

       Andrey Simonenko <simon@comsys.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua>

       If you find any, please send email me.

                                 July 19, 2007                   IPA_DB_SDB(8)