IPA_SDB_DUMP(8)                                                IPA_SDB_DUMP(8)

       ipa_sdb_dump  --  convert ipa_sdb(5) database files to text representa-
       tion and back

       ipa_sdb_dump -h|v

       ipa_sdb_dump [-belt] [-f file]

       ipa_sbd_dump allows to convert binary ipa_sdb(5) database files to text
       representation   and   convert   text  representation  back  to  binary
       ipa_sdb(5) database format.

       By default ipa_sdb_dump reads data from the standard input (stdin)  and
       always  outputs results to the standard output (stdout), all error mes-
       sages go to the standard error output (stderr).

       By default data is considered as data for a rule.

       Available options are:

       -b     Convert text representation of a database file to original data-
              base binary format and output it to stdout.

       -e     Ignore errors in dates.

       -f file
              Read data from the given file, instead of reading from stdin.

       -l     Treat the given data for a limit.

       -t     Treat the given data for a threshold.

       -h     Print the help message about available options and exit.

       -v     Show version number, configuration settings and exit

       ipa_sdb_dump exits with a return code 0 on success, and with a non-zero
       return code if any error occurred.

       ipa_db_sdb(8), ipa_st_sdb(8), ipa_sdb(5)

       Andrey Simonenko <simon@comsys.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua>

       If you find any, please send email me.

                               October 19, 2010                IPA_SDB_DUMP(8)