IPA_SDB — simple database module

Main features:
  • distribution consists of database and statistics modules
  • modules completely support dynamic and static rules, limits and thresholds
  • all database files are stored in own record based database formats
  • formats of database files are machine architecture independent
  • sizes of database records are relatively small (binary data formats)
  • access to statistics can be granted accordingly to the user group
  • there is special utility for dumping database files to text format and back
  • complete documentation

  • ipa_db_sdb — IPA simple database module (database part)
  • ipa_st_sdb — IPA simple database module (statistics part)
  • ipa_sdb_dump — convert ipa_sdb(5) database files to text representation and back
  • ipa_sdb — database format for ipa_db_sdb(8) and ipa_st_sdb(8)
  • Translation: ru

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Andrey Simonenko simon@comsys.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua
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